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Re: OpenGL

Chris Burns said:
> I added that "Module Section" to my config file and that helps a lot,  but
> there is still one thing.  the program says "Sorry, no Direct  Rendering
> possible!"    here is output when i run  glxinfo:

please respond to the list, not to me. this inbox sometimes goes unchecked
for hours/days at which point I delete everything in it and start fresh
so your message may never get read:) infact I was *just* about to do this
when I decided to screen the messages real quick ..

your driver must support DRI and the system itself must too. That is, if
your running a matrox card or perhaps 3dfx you need a configured 2.4.x
kernel for DRI(I think) in addition to a X server that supports DRI(most do,
many do not however, especially on the less common cards). What video
chipset is on your video card? and what kernel are you running?

I have been using nvidia for so long since it has great support for 2.2.x
kernels, full DRI support, full Xvideo support, etc.. many other cards
require 2.4.x to do this :(

looks like you can use this guide to hopefully determine if your video
card is supported by Xfree86 4.1(debian 3.0's version) with DRI. The card
may still work with DRI if it's not listed by using a 3rd party driver(in my
case, nvidia driver)



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