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Re: starting X

on Thu, 02 Jan 2003 07:40:21PM -0500, sean finney insinuated:
> hey nori,
> hope your computer has thawed off a bit :)

nope, i'm giving it up for good, i think ... the old hard drive, that
is. :(

> anyways, iirc this is provided by xserver-xfree86.  the easy way to
> make sure you have everything installed that you need for x is to
> run tasksel and check the box for x windows.

i did on installation.  but it didn't provide xserver-xfree86.  that
helped a lot, thanks :)

however, it's segfaulting and refusing to do much once it gets to the
'WindowMaker' line in my ~/.xsession.  ~/.xsession-errors tells me
it's because i can't create a GNUstep directory, and tells me to run

WindowMaker warning: could not find user GNUstep directory (/home/nori/GNUstep/Defaults)
sh: wmaker.inst: command not found
WindowMaker warning: There was an error while creating GNUstep directory, please make sure you have installed WindowMaker correctly and run wmaker.inst

(of course i forgot to copy these files from my old hard drive when i
was making backups, as i didn't know what they were ... well, this is
how you learn, i guess!)

wmaker.inst seems to not really exist, except on some french Debian
page somewhere.  what should i do to generate the GNUstep directories
and files that WindowMaker needs?

thanks again,


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