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starting X

first, thanks to all for your patience with my questions as i'm
bringing up my box.  i really appreciate it.

right now, i'm trying to get X set up.  i've downloaded and installed
xdm, wmaker, and xbase-clients, which is all i seem to need to get a
GUI up and going.  on the hard drive which i'm replacing with this
installation, to start window maker, i just typed 'startx' as root.
reading manpages, i see that's a frontend to xinit, which is also in
xbase-clients.  right now, startx gives me the following error:

/usr/X11RG/lib/X11/xinit/xserverrc: /usr/bin/X11/X: No such file or

and more along those lines (i.e., one error said many times over).

it's true -- there's nothing called 'X' in /usr/bin/X11.  I'm assuming
this is either a package i need to download, or something that gets
created in a configuration somewhere.  'apt-cache search | egrep ^X'
shows nothing, so I'm guessing it's not a package ... what do i need
to install or configure to make this work?

thanks a lot,


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