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Re: kernel recompile

Jason Pepas wrote:

On Thursday 02 January 2003 11:41 pm, Robert Storey wrote:
Everything seemed to go well. There were no error messages, and I found
myself with a newly compiled kernel named vmlinuz-2.4.18 in my /boot
directory. But on attempting to boot, the kernel would instantly crash
and reboot again, and again, etc, ad nauseum. I could only recover by
editing GRUB to point back to the old kernel.

Can't see what I did wrong, other than possibly that my settings somehow
conflicted. I actually changed very little - I used the stock kernel,
and just added support for sound, parport, scsi, and my ethernet card.

Has anyone else had this experience? Can I just use my old kernel and
somehow get these other things to work by loading modules?

thanks in advance,
Robert Storey

try setting the cpu type to 386. rebooting before the kernel even starts doing anything usually means the wrong cpu type was selected.

hmm, but if the kernel name has i386 in it, this might not be the problem...

Sure could. Been there, done that. Check the processor type carefully. As Jason noted it fits your symptoms.

Paul Scott

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