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Re: Security Question

> John Gedeon wrote:
> >  I have Debian installed on my home computer (3.0 stable version) I want 
> > to use it to remote login in to work, however the people in charge of the 
> > remote logins (IT) at my work say that Debian has lots of security holes. I 
> > was wondering what security holes Debian may have (especially in comparison 
> > to Red Hat) if any. And if any of those cannot be taken care of. They also 
> > claimed that Debian isn't stable in comparison to Red Hat, Is Red Hat more 
> > stable? From what I have read and understand Debian is very stable and 
> > secure (at least it is equivalent in security and stability to Red Hat). Is 
> > this true?
> > 
> >   I am asking for this information so that I have more backing when I tell 
> > the IT people here that Debian as good if not better than Red Hat. I would 
> > prefer to use Debian.

It just sounds like your IT people haven't looked into Debian very much,
if at all.  Odds are that if they actually did, then they probably did
something like run Nessus (or something similar) on a Debian machine
that checks for security holes merely by obtaining version numbers,
which is less than reliable.  Explain to them that Debian backports
security fixes into the version existing in stable, if possible, rather
than introduce an entirely new version into the distribution.  That
conservative philosophy involving the introduction of new package
versions should say enough about Debian's stability.


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