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Re: Security Question

John Gedeon wrote:

>  I have Debian installed on my home computer (3.0 stable version) I want 
> to use it to remote login in to work, however the people in charge of the 
> remote logins (IT) at my work say that Debian has lots of security holes. I 
> was wondering what security holes Debian may have (especially in comparison 
> to Red Hat) if any. And if any of those cannot be taken care of. They also 
> claimed that Debian isn't stable in comparison to Red Hat, Is Red Hat more 
> stable? From what I have read and understand Debian is very stable and 
> secure (at least it is equivalent in security and stability to Red Hat). Is 
> this true?
>   I am asking for this information so that I have more backing when I tell 
> the IT people here that Debian as good if not better than Red Hat. I would 
> prefer to use Debian.

The IT people at your workplace are uninformed.

When a vulnerability is publicized, Debian usually has a fix out before
Red Hat does; sometimes Red Hat's fix comes out as much as several weeks
later. Also, Debian's installer has less of a tendency to give you all
sorts of vulnerable services most people don't need, so the default
installation is more secure than Red Hat's.

I don't recall ever seeing a Debian machine crash, so I'm not sure how
Debian could possibly less stable than Red Hat.


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