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Re: KDE weirdness

On January 2, 2003 06:13 pm, the fabulous Deryk Barker wrote:

> When I log in under KDE sound stops working. TO be precise, any
> applicatino that tries to send sound  (to /dev/dsp?) hangs - it looks
> very much as if something has created a lock and won't let it go.

I believe the arts sound server will have control of /dev/dsp as long as it's 
running, usually (by default?) it will shut itself down after 60 seconds if 
it isn't being used.

If you want non-arts aware programs to use sound then a convenient method is 
to run them under the artsdsp wrapper.

> One wrinkle: when I log on as root under KDE the "burble" is played
> during the logon process. When I log on as a ormal user it isn't..

Do you have the sound server configured to run at startup (look in the same 
place as you found the "Test Sound" button).

> Any pointers gratefully received. For all its problems I like and am
> used to KDE and don't want to have to make the switch to some other
> WM just now.

Make sure you add users to the audio group, since your test sound worked I 
suppose this has been done.


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