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KDE weirdness

I wonder if somebody can help with this odd problem...

Just installed my new system (unstable) and most things are working
satisfactorily, except...

When I log in under KDE sound stops working. TO be precise, any
applicatino that tries to send sound  (to /dev/dsp?) hangs - it looks
very much as if something has created a lock and won't let it go.

When I go to control center and test the sound - bing! out comes the
little KDE burble. When I shut down KDE and log in using another WM
everything is just fine.

Sounds like some sort of KDE configuration thing, except that my
about-to-be-decommissioned system is running the same software and
sound works under KDE just fine.

One wrinkle: when I log on as root under KDE the "burble" is played
during the logon process. When I log on as a ormal user it isn't..

Any pointers gratefully received. For all its problems I like and am
used to KDE and don't want to have to make the switch to some other
WM just now.
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