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Re: Debian

Larry Stallings said:
> Yes, I have a question.  Can I get a CD with the Debian updates on it or
> do I have to download them from the Web?  I live in a very small town and
> have a slow modem.  I hope there is some other way of receiving updated
> info.  I just ordered Debian 3 so it should be a fairly new version, but I
> understand there are updates already out there.

I don't think there are any official cds with security updates on them.
You should be able to get revision updates on CD (r1 is the current
for woody I think).

you could do something like apt-get -s upgrade, to see what packages will
be downloaded and download them manually from security.debian.org on another
machine, and install them manually (dpkg) though.

if the machine is firewalled or protected in some other way you may not
need security updates, and you may only need or want to upgrade to the
minor revisions. This assumes your systems are on a trusted network.


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