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Re: cannot open dislpay: debian:0.0

"Kevin" <kevin@robertsesq.com> writes:

> make xconfig
> Application initialization failed: couldn't connect to display
> ""
> Yes I was login directly as root

*Why*?  Building a kernel isn't the sort of essential system
administration task that requires root access; you're much less likely
to shoot yourself in the foot if you do it as a normal user.  (You
only need to be root to do the final install-the-kernel step; in a
kernel-package world, that's the 'dpkg --install' invocation.)

It sounds like your essential problem is that you're setting $DISPLAY
by hand when you don't need to.  If you really are logged in directly,
DISPLAY should come pre-set to :0.0, which is the right setting.
Similarly, if you're logged in remotely, ssh X forwarding should
correctly set DISPLAY for you.

These days, unless you're dealing with remote work on really crufty
machines with recalcitrant administrators who won't install ssh, you
have no reason to ever put anything before the colon in an X display
setting.  (Exception: ssh uses localhost:10.0 or so rather than a Unix
socket.)  Similarly, you should probably forget the xhost command ever
existed; it's useless on a Debian box with default settings.

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