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Re: Another query on NVIDIA under linux 2.4.20

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 23:46, Larry Hunsicker wrote:
> We have NVIDIA working now under linux 2.4.20 as I described in an
> earlier message.  But there remains one glitch.   When we reboot, the
> NVIDIA drivers are never loaded, and NVIDIA won't run, until we
> reinstall the NVIDIA kernel by hand.
> I suppose that we could force the loading of NVIDIA using modprobe
> somewhere in one of the inti.d files.  But it would have seemed that
> this should have been done by the NVIDIA kernel install process or
> kmod.  Any comments about this?

Only that it sounds really familiar.  The same thing happened to me.  I downloaded 
tar.gz files, did make clean / make install / changed XF86Config-4 and made sure 
nvidia was in /etc/modules, and it STILL requires that I make install the kernel
driver each boot.  I wish I knew the solution for those of us who are used to doing
the NVidia driver the make-install way.

dave w

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