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Re: IDE SCSI Emulation and USB problem

You could try something like this in your modules.conf:

pre-install ide-scsi modprobe imm


On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, Martin McCormick wrote:

> 	I have been doing some further tests about my usb
> problems and I found out that my testing procedure is flawed.
> Every new kernel I built was built using bzdisk as the last step
> in the process so I left the kernel on my boot drive alone and
> was using a new kernel built on a floppy disk.  I believe that
> that kernel uses a different lilo.conf file because that was part
> of the reason why I see no SCSI emulation for the IDE CDROM.
> 	I bit the bullet and built a new kernel with the IDE SCSI
> emulation as before and the usb port mass storage driver support.
> 	This time, I still have the CDROM as /dev/sr0 or
> /dev/scd0 so that is good.  What I still don't seem to have is
> anything happening with the usb port and mass-storage driver.
> 	The syslog shows that the usb drivers installed,
> registered and initialized, but there are no new devices.
> 	I am testing a new Maxtor 5000 LE external drive with
> this system so I have the two unknowns of the new usb
> installation plus the new drive which may or may not work with
> Linux.  The drive works with Windows and Mac OSX so it is not
> known whether or not it will work here.
> 	Shouldn't there be some kind of dialog regarding the usb
> activity when the system boots besides the simple fact that the
> usb support is there?
> 	I even temporarily took out the append command in
> lilo.conf that maps /dev/hdc to scsi and the SCSI did go away.
> The usb support, however, does not appear to have added any new
> devices with the only thing at all being a usb directory in
> /proc/bus which is empty.
> 	Does it matter which usb port I connect to on the
> mother board?
> 	Many thanks.
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