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Re: IDE SCSI Emulation and USB problem

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 22:16, Martin McCormick wrote:
> Aryan Ameri writes:
> >So where is the conflict from?
> 	I am not sure.  I thought I had the same problem you
> reported when I was (still am) trying to install a USB-based
> external drive on my system.  It turned out that my practice of
> building test kernels on floppy disk and running them by booting
> from the floppy caused a different lilo.conf to be used that
> didn't have the append directive in it to map the IDE CDROM drive
> to the SCSI emulation.
> 	As I understand it, all the SCSI CDROM drives should show
> up in your list of SCSI devices with names that are like /dev/sr0
> or /dev/srx depending upon how many drives you have.  It doesn't
> matter if they are true hardware-based SCSI devices or the SCSI
> emulation is grabbing them.  CDROM's and hard disks each have
> their own nomenclature and they should co exist peacefully.:-)
> 	If I am wrong, somebody please tell me so for I hate to
> lead others astray.
> 	One way you might get this problem is if your CDROM is
> somehow being mistaken by the system as a writable hard disk.  I
> did see a warning on a Linux installation program that indicated
> this could happen on some systems and that might be why they are
> showing up wrong although one would think that you would just see
> more hard disks than you should have and less or no CDROM's.

well, ok, but I am not compiling a kernel here, I have the append line in my 
lilo.conf, my emulated scsi cdrom is as scd2, and everything about burning 
seems to be ok ( I don't know wether it is acting as anothe hard disk or not, 
but mkisofs and cdrecord and other programs are working correctly). The 
problem is, after the scsi emulation thing,  USB devices (And Audio CD) 
aren't working.


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