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Re: Which to upgrade first?

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> 	Quick question.  I have been slowly (but surely) fine tuning my install
> of Debian (Woody stock--not the upgrade...yet).  I finally redid my
> kernel to 2.4.18 to enable various things (like sound).  But I have an
> nvidia card (yea, here we go again).  
> 	Should I upgrade to XFree86 4.2 unstable or testing *before* I mess
> with the nvidia kernel stuff?  Also, will the upgrade to 4.2 mess with
> the rest of my stable Woody install?
> 	Thanx.

I just did this and it worked fine.  I have 2.4.7 kernel, but Woody.  I put
in a new video card - nvidia and needed the driver.  Someone told me to get
X4.2.  I used 'apt-get xfree86-common xserver-xfree86' after 'apt-get
update' with testing in sources.list.  Then I installed the nvidia kernel
and glx.  I don't think it would matter, but I did it after upgrading X.
This process didn't mess up the rest of my install.

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