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Re: users and x/gdm

on Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 03:47:08PM -0500, George Georgalis (george@galis.org) wrote:
> Something seems wrong with the archives at the moment...
> I just finished walking remote hands through a not so simple x
> configuration. whew.
> now a user can 'startx' and use the session, but with gdm the session   
> starts then immediately returns to the gdm login.                                   
> I presume there is a permissions problem here... how do I enable users
> with console access (or users in a group) to access (run) the xserver?

In /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config:


You should be able to manage this setting with:

    # dpkg-reconfigure xserver-common

man 5 Xwrapper.config for more information.


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