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Re: TwinView and workspaces

>>Also, I'd love to have a way to have a regular text console on one
>>screen with X on another, but I don't really know if that's possible nor
>>where I would possibly begin to look for info. Any info is greatly
> Well, what happens if you use only one screen for X11? Is the other
> still usable?

It won't. I work with two screens, but without xinerama. I told the gnome
session manager to fire up a second icewm on the secondary screen, and a
few apps like gaim, xmms and multi-gnome-terminal.

You could emulate a regular text-console by not starting a window manager
on the second screen, and only running an xterm there (you'll have to
experiment with the --geometry option to maximise it)

greetz and a happy 2003,


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