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Re: Lexmark z23 revisited

Alan Davis(adavis@saipan.com) is reported to have said:
> sebastian:
> I am copying this message to the list.
> I am hoping you have succeeded with this printer on a Debian box.
> Here's my experience:
> I bumbled through two or three different ways of installing it.  I
> don't understand CUPS or FOOMATIC.  But I downloaded the foomatic
> lexmark kit (I think this was referenced on the linuxprinting.org
> site).  Somehow between installing the lexmark foomatic kit and the
> lexmarkz33 rpm (using alien), and following instructions to some
> extent on this list for the z22/z32, I was able to print two very
> nice prints.  The utility, lexmarkz23-z33, also worked to set the
> parameters of the printer.  One print was in high quailty, and
> looked quite good.  
> I never learned how to use foomatic to print, just lpd/lpr.  But
> after these two prints, success compelled me to edit /etc/printcap,
> to add an easier alias to the spool name.  

You should not have altered the printcap.cups file yourself.  Use the
http://localhost:631/admin method to 'modify'  the spool name and then
run '/etc/init.d/cupsys restart' to modify the name. If you only use
the console then read the Users manual
(/usr/share/cups/doc-root/documentation.html) and use lpadmin to
modify your printer names.

You might just try deleteing /etc/printcap.cups and restarting cupsys
to fix it (to the old settings that worked).
> After that, I was unable to print anymore, and I"ve been having
> nothing but trouble.  Like yourself, I am able to print test pages.  
> If you have succeeded, please post your method.  If I discover how I
> miraculously was able to print two pages, I'll share it as well.
> Meanwhile, although I disargue with using closed source/proprietary
> drivers, I have wasted my club's money, unless I  can get this to
> print.  

I have 'nearly' got Cups working as I want, now, after 3 days of
mistakes.  Getting it working on one box isn't too bad but networking
printing info is hard to find.  I am, finally, printing from other
'nix boxen but am still fighting the Winblows/Samba setup.

Stay with it.  Cups does work but I find it needs some fine tuning to
get the best out of your printer.

BTW  Please format your posts to this list to < 80 columns in the

Hope this helps


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