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Re: forwarding gnutella ports with iptables

On 01/01/03 Alex Malinovich did speaketh:

> Nope, this doesn't work either. After spending the last 24+ hours
> messing around with this, I've learned at least one important thing. It
> seems that all ports over 1024 aren't being forwarded. I set up oftpd on
> my desktop system (behind the firewall) and set port 21 to be forwarded.
> Everything works fine. I set oftpd to run on port 6346 and then set port
> 6346 to be forwarded, and the request never makes it to my desktop
> system. Now the only problem is figuring out why this is happening and
> what to do about it. As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
> :)

    I would be very surprised if this were true. I forward ports > 1024 all
the time. You can confirm what is happening by sniffing on the NAT box with

tcpdump -i any tcp port 6346

    That should show both interfaces, and all tcp traffic on port 6346. You
should see the traffic coming in, and then being forwarded on. 


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