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Re: Samba setup question: security setting

Quoting Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org>:
I suppose this has nothing to do with Debain, but what does it mean to be
a Primary Domain Controler?  And does that apply to Win98 and WinME
machines or only W2K/XP/NT machines?

In a networked environment using WinNT, 2K, XP Pro (and perhaps 98 and ME, and 95 with some ugliness), the Primary Domain Controller (and Backup Domain Controller(s) - PDC & BDC(s) respectively) serve as a central authentication server. For example, in a college environment, you might have 1000 faculty/staff and 6000 students, many of them going from one computer lab to another. The lab machines are configured not to authenticate users themselves, but to look to the domain controllers to determine if Joe Student is a valid user and has a valid password and is logging in at a valid time from a valid place and can use this printer but not that one and can mount this network drive share but not that one.

Samba can function as a PDC, so that you don't have an unreliable Windows box in the server room performing this essential task.

As indicated above, I'm not sure how well the Win9x/ME series plays in the mix, and I believe the WinXP Home (not Pro) also has some issues playing in such an environment.


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