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Lexmark z23 revisited


I am copying this message to the list.

I am hoping you have succeeded with this printer on a Debian box.  Here's my experience:

I bumbled through two or three different ways of installing it.  I don't understand CUPS or FOOMATIC.  But I downloaded the foomatic lexmark kit (I think this was referenced on the linuxprinting.org site).  Somehow between installing the lexmark foomatic kit and the lexmarkz33 rpm (using alien), and following instructions to some extent on this list for the z22/z32, I was able to print two very nice prints.  The utility, lexmarkz23-z33, also worked to set the parameters of the printer.  One print was in high quailty, and looked quite good.  

I never learned how to use foomatic to print, just lpd/lpr.  But after these two prints, success compelled me to edit /etc/printcap, to add an easier alias to the spool name.  

After that, I was unable to print anymore, and I"ve been having nothing but trouble.  Like yourself, I am able to print test pages.  

If you have succeeded, please post your method.  If I discover how I miraculously was able to print two pages, I'll share it as well.  Meanwhile, although I disargue with using closed source/proprietary drivers, I have wasted my club's money, unless I  can get this to print.  

Thank you,

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