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Re: Getting a Higher Version w/out upgrading

On Tuesday 31 December 2002 12:25 am, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I'm still having problems with my ATI card.  I know it's worked fine under
> XFree86 4.2, but Woody has X 4.1.  How can I upgrade to X 4.2 w/out
> upgrading anything else or moving to unstable?
> Hal

Thanks to all who responded.  I took ajlewis2@intac.com's suggestion and 
changed the line in sources.list so I could get X 4.2 from the testing 
branch.  Finally X works on my ATI card.

So this leads to another question: A data processing system I'm developing is 
in Perl and w/ Perl 5.6.1, there is a problem in some date conversions I do 
(I convert them to epoch seconds, etc.), and when I try to convert numbers 
back to years, I get a "+" in front of some numbers and not others.  This is 
fixed in Perl 5.8.

When thinking about this, I wonder: Is there a way to easily specify and add 
versions later than in stable for only specific packages?  In other words, is 
there some way I can do an apt-get and specify Perl 5.8 (assuming it's 
already packaged) without having to move to the testing or unstable branch?


P.S.  Once I'm sure I have all the things I need working, I will post a list 
of the problems I've had (I've listed most of them earlier) and the 
solutions.  Since this was such a fsking fun research hunt for me, I think 
that would make it easier for someone else in the future.

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