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Re: Debian as a packet shaper

> in all my
>years of using linux I've only read/heard about a couple people that
>have tried/and or use the bridging features of linux. And all of those
>people were discussing IDSs on another mailing list recently. By contrast
>I've known many people over the years who use free/openbsd in bridged
>mode and give it high marks. I just get the feeling it's been tested
>much more.

I've got a debian box doing bridgeing firewalling with a patched 2.4.18

the users didn't even notice it going in until they realised that their 
zonealarm's had stoppped squawking about sniffers.

fast network going through an old (pII) box.

it was a little bleeding edge when we implemented but it's been rock solid.


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