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Re: Woody->FreeBSD box via null modem cable

Holger Rauch said:
> Hi!
> I would like to connect to a FreeBSD box from Woody using a null modem
> cable. The FreeBSD box is already set up properly (a getty is running on
> one of the serial ports). The serial cable is connected to ttyS1 on my
> Debian box. I tried to set things up using "minicom -s":

no other software is required. freebsd, like most other systems
default to 9600 for the serial port. so be sure minicom is configured for
9600/8/N/1. Also it helps to disable flow control(both hardware and software).

if the null modem cable works, and the serial ports on both system works
you will get a prompt. One system I have one of the pins(or perhaps more)
of the serial port is dead, so I could transmit, but not recieve, I
discovered this by running strace on the serial getty process and saw my
characters comming through, but they didn't show up on my local screen. using
the other serial port resolved that problem though.


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