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Re: odd mouse problem

Alex Malinovich wrote:
I've got a minor mouse problem. My USB mouse works great in just about
everything, but I just discovered one application of the utmost
importance that it doesn't work in. Quake 3. :) Ok, so it's not really
of the utmost importance. :)

All of my buttons work just fine, but I'm getting no actual MOVEMENT
from the mouse. It works flawlessly in everything else I've ever thrown
at it, but it just refuses to do any moving in Quake 3. Any suggestions
on what it might be, or any way to track down the culprit? Any help is
greatly appreciated. TIA. :)


I'd like to say...

Me Too.


AMD Athlon XP 1800+ / VIA KT133 chipset
Kernel 2.4.19, USB support all modular
MS Intellimouse Explorer (their software sucks but credit where it's due - they make nice mice)
Quake 3 1.32
Debian sid/experimental
NVIDIA drivers v4191 driving Ti4200

Quake 3 runs like a sweetheart - nearly 200 frames a second - but sometime in the last couple of weeks, the mouse stopped working as you describe.

The real kicker?

Unreal Tournament and UT2K3 work just fine.

All ideas welcome, as you say. I spent a couple of fruitless evenings googling for this.

I've installed usb-perms and set the appropriate permissions and started the daemon, but still no joy.



Peter Whysall
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