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Help needed to steal Knoppix settings, etc

Hi guys, I am trying to steal the network settings
from what Knoppix does to copy them in my woody
machine, but I don't know where I should look at. The
interfaces file doesn't seem to be the one, or at
least there is more to it than it shows. I am
connecting right now from Knoppix, my machine has a
USB modem (it is a gigapro? motherboard), I have all
the modules that I need (pegasus.c), but still the
network is not being set by the installation script.
I run into another problem: The system froze while
installing it, I think it is the motherboard's fault.
I got a mess in the file system, so I had to run fcsk
twice or so to fix it. This happened while installing
the system, so some files were not properly installed.
I have run a couple of times dselect but I can't find
what is broken. As a result, when X tries to start, it
tells me that some "dcopserver" or so can't be found
and thus KDE can't start. At this point I am even
willing to reinstall the X system, any ideas?
Thanks a lot to all,
Please send me a copy to this yahoo email, my system
as I said is broken and my regular email is not
functioning. Thanks. 

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