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Problems configuring woody for cable


            I’m running Woody testing/unstable in a dual boot-system and have recently had 512Bd cable installed. The XP drive is fine but I can’t seem to get it going with Woody.


            I apt-get installed linuxconf via ppp, read through the help files as suggested, and added in all known values for DNS Servers, IP (Static), Gateway, and SubNet mask. I did not see anywhere to include network settings for pop3 or smtp (presumably to go in ./muttrc and Mozilla).


            I keep getting the message “Can’t find package ‘pythonmod’ “ although via


‘apt-get update’,

‘apt-get upgrade’ and

‘apt-get –u dist-upgrade || apt-get –f install’

I found that ‘pythonmod’ had indeed been installed.


‘netconf –status’ gives me


‘module pythonmod does not exist’

? Service samba is not running

Executing: /etc/rc2.d/S20samba start’


My /etc/resolv.conf is


‘search paradise.net.nz




my /etc/networks is





which confuses me – where did that DNS come from ?

my IP is


Similarly my /etc/hosts had (last time I looked) three different designations for my system (Tux):               Localhost   Tux   Tux loghost


… I presume these have been calculated by Linuxconf.


I received the linuxconf message


“forwarding of IP traffic is not active in the kernel”


and trying an apt-get update still gives me


“something wicked happened resolving ‘mirror.aarnet.edu.au:http’


Sorry for the confusion – any solutions ?


Adam Bogacki



adam@bogacki.net  [forwarding]


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