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RE: Secure CGI Implementation

hi ya

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Michael Olds wrote:

> Q: If the cgi-bin is placed outside the DocumentRoot and a script creates an
> html page to be served to the public, how does this work?

"magic pixie dust" :-)

cgi-bin ( ../httpd/cgi-bin ) is always outside of DocumentRoot
( home/httpd/html )
	- you need to configure cgi-bin options to allow it to run
	as cgi executables

you need at least one default   foo.html web page
	- all subsquent web pages can be autogeneated per user
	options/config .. each link on foo.html is a

> A: Just fine.  You can map your web space any way you like.

using symlinks for cgi-bin executables is good and bad..

sprinkling more pixie dust on the universal adaptor

c ya

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