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I fried my Mozilla install

As the subject line says, its all my fault.  I tried
to install a version of the phoenix browser, after
uninstalling Mozilla using dselect.  The phoenix
browser didn't work for me (sadly), so I removed it
and its related files and reinstalled mozilla and
its related packages with dselect.  Sadly, now
mozilla doesn't work for me at all; it does not
start using the icon, and it doesn't start on the
command line in a xterm window.  I re-installed
several times and nothing changes. 

What should I do?  I have perhaps one clue:
whenever I install I get the following error

Updating mozilla chrome registry...mv: cannot stat
`/usr/lib/mozilla/components/*.dat': No such file or
mv: cannot stat `/usr/lib/mozilla/chrome/*.rdf': No
such file or directory

Help! Even though its bloatware, I want mozilla

Many Many thanks!


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