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Re: chrony (was: Speaking of ntp, yes CD-R does mess with the clock!)

Bill Moseley writes:
> I don't really understand how chrony maintains the hardware clock.  I
> know chrony can deal with a slow or fast rtc, but it seems like a good
> idea to update the rtc to the real time every once in a while.

I agree.  File a wishlist bug so I don't forget and I'll send it upstream.

> Therefore should chronyc be run from cron every so often and run the dump
> and writertc (or trimrtc?) commands?

Yes.  Another wishlist bug.  This one I could fix in the package.

> So the confusing thing is the startup scripts.  /etc/rc2.d/S14ppp runs
> before /etc/rc2.d/S83chrony.  For some reason it all works now, but it
> looks like it's possible that the ppp connection could come up before the
> S83chrony script runs which means that /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/chrony could try
> to "online" chrony before chrony is running and listening for commands.

> Again, it seems like it works now, but it looks like a potential problem
> if the ppp connection comes up fast.  Is this true, or have I missed
> something in the ppp setup that makes sure it waits long enough for
> startup to complete before bringing up the connection?

That's a bug.  Please file a bug report.

> Oh, and a final note -- chrony's default is to assume that the rtc is set
> to localtime.  I had to add "rtconutc" in the config file, but it seems
> like it should get that info from /etc/defaults/rcS on installation.

I'll look into that.  Another wishlist bug?
John Hasler
john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI

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