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Re: Mozilla: Personal Toolbar bug?

On 27 Dec 2002, Kent West wrote:
> Anthony Campbell wrote:
> >I added a folder from my bookmark file to the Personal Toolbar in
> >Mozilla 1.0.0, resulting in a lot of new buttons. I now want to remove
> >these entries from the toolbar (but not from the bookmark list). This
> >appears to be impossible.
> >
> >From the help file:
> >
> >Removing Bookmarks From the Personal Toolbar
> >
> >  1. Open the Bookmarks menu and choose Manage Bookmarks.
> >  2. Click the Personal Toolbar Folder.
> >  3. Select the bookmark or folder you want to delete.
> >  4. Press Delete on your keyboard.
> >  5. Close the Manage Bookmarks window. 
> >
> >Tip: To quickly remove a bookmark placed on the personal toolbar (not in a 
> >folder), right-click on the bookmark and select Delete.
> >
> >
> >Step 2 can't be done because there is no Personal Toolbar Folder in the
> >Bookmarks menu. 
> >
> You did first click on "Manage Bookmarks", right? If you did, then yeah, 
> something's wrong.

I did.

> Should be "bookmarks.html" down deep in your ~/.mozilla directory.

Yes, I'd found this and did edit it (even though it says not to). It
altered the Bookmarks but not the Toolbar.

However, for reasons which are unclear to me the offending entries have
now gone away! This was after several quittings plus restarting of
Mozilla, which must have done something though I've no idea what.


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