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Re: KDM: how to change (expired) password

On Wed, 25 Dec 2002, Osamu Aoki wrote:

>> I have a little trouble to login by using KDM, if 
>> the password is expired. It just displays an expired
>> message and then logouts again.

>> What I usualy do it just go to console mode, login,
>> change the expired password, and then go to KDM mode again.

>> Is there a way to set KDM so that it can handle expired
>> password?

> I do not know but my guess is files in /etc/pam.d/* pam_deny.so seems
> suspicious.  Did you do something on them?  Also, it looks like
> /etc/security/* may be used to set the behaviour.  (These are just my
> guess.) Compare kdm and login for difference.  

Too late, this happens only once in about three months.
But, I will try to compare it the next time will happen.
Thank you anyway...

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