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Re: Whose bug(s)? tetex-base, tetex-extra, lilypond

Colin Watson schrieb:
On Mon, Dec 23, 2002 at 04:39:44PM +0100, J?rg Johannes wrote:

I had a similar problem. I think some files moved from one to the other package, and apt wants to replace the old files from files out of the "wrong" package. It should work if you remove lilypond, then apt-get upgrade and then reinstall lilypond after all the TeX stuff is done. However, this is most likely not a bug, it's just two packages a bit out of sync and needing more communication between the maintainers.

This kind of thing is always a bug. If a file moves from one package to
another, the destination package needs a versioned Replaces: against the
original package. If the file is simply shared, then either it should be
removed from one of the two packages or the packages must conflict.

You should always make sure that a bug is filed when you encounter this
kind of thing. If I were you I wouldn't accept excuses from maintainers
about not supporting that particular type of upgrade, either; that tends
to be plain laziness. :)

OK, you're right, but it is not very easy to reproduce such a bug when it appears on a major dist-upgrade changing ~200 packages of you sid system (yes, I do know this kind of thing is considered DANGEROUS ;) ). But I would not talk about "plain laziness" for the tetex-maintainer (or any package maintainer). Managing this package must be quite a lot of work, and who am I to say "This guy is lazy" while I just lay myself in the pre-warmed bed of a ready-packaged TeX-installation?


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