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pon poff authority

I use pppd with the dial on demand option, it works great but I need a way of 
turning it on and off via pon/poff FROM the logged in user ...

To get this to work I have ...

chmod u+s /usr/sbin/pppdroot
chgrp dip /sbin/killall5
Sets up SUID for pppd

Setup users to use pon/poff .. puts users in group dip


vi /usr/bin/poff
insert a FLAG="a" at line 52 to kill all pppds automatically

Call bbppp with
bbppp -thru -com  -d

And everything works aok with bbppp 


If root calls pon, it with ppp_on_boot in /etc/ppp then a user cannot stop 
pppd with poff

However if the user calls pon, it works, poff stops pppd

Due to my setup, I realy need ppp_on_boot to start and user to stop start if 

Any ideas ??

Is the way I have setup dip and SUID secureish ??!!

mv /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot  /etc/ppp/no_ppp_on_boot

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