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Re: Slackware

    "Dominic" == Dominic Iadicicco <dnotch825@yahoo.com> writes:

    Dominic> Hello all,

    Dominic> I have debian distro installed on hda and I would like to
    Dominic> install a Slackware on hdb. Now my problem is, When the
    Dominic> slackware installer executes it wan't to use both swap
    Dominic> partitions.  One on hda and one on hdb.  I don't want it
    Dominic> to do this. Has anyone worked with Slackware and if so
    Dominic> did you have the same problem?  How did you solve it. 
    Dominic> For now my only guess is to take out hda from the tower. 
    Dominic> I have disabled it in the bios, but as you all know Linux
    Dominic> will find it anyway.

No need to do any BIOS tricks or remove drives!

Edit the /etc/fstab file on the Slackware installation and remove the
swap entry for /dev/hda[x]. 

Another thing: using both swap disks does not cause any harm.

I envy you, you are using the best and second best Linux distros of
all time one one machine. Wow!


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