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Re: Open Office 1.0.1 problem under testing

Thus spake Mark Janssen (maniac@maniac.nl):

> On Sun, 2002-12-22 at 20:11, Deryk Barker wrote:
> > AS I am building a new system, it seemed a good idea to download the
> > latest Open Office (1.0.1) rather than simply copy 1.0 across from
> > my old system.
> > 
> > I am running (new system) testing, BTW.
> Just install the openoffice package that is in testing (it's been in
> unstable for quite some time now)

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be on the mirrors I have in my
sources.list (I did look via dselect before going to the OO site).

Do you have a mirror you can point me at?
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