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Re: Help needed...

On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 08:40:56AM -0600, Larry Shields wrote:

> Second,  now when I bootup in Linux, it boots up just fine to a point,
> meaning after the bootup has completed, I then get a BLANK BLACK
> SCREEN, with no text etc...

What boot loader are you using ( Lilo, Grub, etc)?  If you're using
lilo, you should be able to get a prompt/menu by holding down the shift
key just after the initial system POST.  At this point you should be
able to enter something like "linux 1" or "linux single".  This should
take you into single user mode and not attempt a starting of X.

> Sixth, Has any one swapped out a hard drive, and had this same
> problem, if you have could you please let me know how or what you did
> to get it to work...???

I've swapped my boot drives between systems before, but never had this
problem.  In my experience, if the X config was wrong, it would flash
the screen between a console and an attempted X startup a few times and
then abort the attempted X startups and leave me at a functional


Jamin W. Collins

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