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Gender Balanced True Govt Already Present For World Peace

Gender Balanced True Government Already Spread Upon the Earth 
and Being Born Everywhere
Only Gender Balanced True Government (and Gender Balanced Global
Diplomacy Organizations) Will Bring Forth/Sustain Prosperity and World Peace

(UK, US and Iraq all still Mostly-Monogenderments; Ranked 47, 58 and 93 in
world gender balance; 
Terrorism and Mideast unhelped by "UN" that's itself still a Monogenderment)

This email is Circulating among millions of university students,
staff and professors, peace and democracy activists, and in internet
forums around the world in at least 45 countries and on every

Until transcendant events unfold to quickly bring gender balanced,
racially and ethnically reconciliatory true government and fully
inclusive democracy to office in all the world, we face global
disaster, emergency and degradation beyond our worst nightmares in
the next months or years. Yet, in this Season of global Good Will in
the age of global interconnection, this transcendant Miracle of
Balance, Peace and Provident Sustainability is Everywhere Being
Welcomed and Born...

Thus, the crises of world mostly-monogenderment, may well be the path
and prelude to, and the greatest opportunity for, all our whole human
and Holy awakening of consciousness:

The Awareness of Gender Balanced True Government 
is Being Born and Awakened Everywhere on Earth.

A new consensus on the definition of government is developing
worldwide.  If an officialdom hasn't achieved 75% gender balance (at
least 37.5% offices held by women as well as 37.5% held by men), it
does not have democracy and is not seen as a true government, party
or election, nor a globally fit diplomatic organization. If it is not
at least that balanced, it cannot sustain peace and provident
prosperity, as well as interracial and international reconciliation
for our world.  Such an entity is, then, a mostly "monogenderment"
and not a true, spiritually ethical government, until such balance of
male and female is achieved to consider all problems and together
find the best future for each and all the worlds' regions, and with
others on our interconnected earth.

In fact, Gender Balanced True Government is and has Always Been
Inherently Present and Spread Throughout the Earth. Humankind needs
only to bring it to full Empowerment, in awareness first and then
urgently and quickly to office, to bring forth the full synergistic
wisdom of it.

In addition to the countries of Scandinavia, (Sweden, Denmark,
Finland, Norway and Iceland) many more countries are at or very near
gender balance, such as Costa Rica, Netherlands, Germany, France
(Gender Parite), Argentina, Mozambique, South Africa, New Zealand,
India (legislation in progress), Canada (Senate). and others; so are
many provinces and states, such as California in the US, many in
Africa, China and India in Asia, and Europe among others, and so are
thousands of cities all continents, especially Europe, (all cities in
France enjoy gender 50-50), most global unions, parties,
universities, as well as thousands of cities, schools boards, and
philanthropic and community organizations.  

According to the website of the International Parliamentary Union
(IPU), which is seen by many as the partner organizations to the
"UN", the US is ranked 58 in gender balance, the UK, ranked 49, and
Iraq, ranked 93.  These, then, are mostly-monogenderments, and not
yet True Governments capable of sustainability without danger to
their own citizens, world populations and Nature; their technology
has outpaced their whole democracy and humanity. 

Even more importantly, the still gender imbalanced "UN" itself, has
been unable to peacefully resolve many of the numerous difficulties
of the world, including those of the Mideast that many are especially
reminded of in this Season. The "UN"'s, and especially the so-called
"Security Council" member countries' decades of lack of sufficient
attention to the gender balance concept in their own leadership and
functioning, (that has been raised with them by many groups below),
has, in large part, exascerbated the present world crises, especially
in the Middle East, but also lead to dramatic backsliding in
democracy in the US and UK, as well.  All this has had ramifications
for worldwide cultural reconciliations as well as energy and
environmental strategies involving the entire planet for good or ill
- indeed, the very life of the planet itself. 

The crises will resolve when the "UN" leadership begins to work with
the IPU leadership, along with other world citizens, as gender
balanced male and female partners, to recognize the issue of gender
balance in office as a necessary aspect of real democracy and true
government, and bring it to whole world focus more publically. It is
especially important that the "UN", IPU and all people focus on this
with Security Council members' officials and citizens, as well as
with all member countries, and with world populations at large, as
both men and women activists are already doing, especially over the
Internet, in faxes and the telecommunications that connect our world.

The IPU or InterParliamentary Union, which has been called the
partner organization of the "UN", includes Gender Partnership
Leadership which is increasing its consultation and watchdog
activities at the "UN", as are many others concerned about the life
and future of the planet. Until the "UN" achieves gender balance
reform in its offices, ambassadorships, and criteria for voting
membership, it is currently being called the Unbalanced Ununited
Mostly-Monogenderment or UUMM.  

Though equal in overall intelligence, humanity and political
equality, the genders are not identically the same, nor are they
opposites. In group and cognitive process, they overlap in both
complementary and symmetrical aspects. much as do the both equally
necessary hemispheres of the brain, in order to bring out the best of
each other. Human hormonal-cognitive nature and social factors cause
differences in decision-making according to the gender balance of the
decision-making group. Democracy is decision-making of, by and for the
Whole. Only a gender balanced and gender balance-valuing, mobilized
world consciousness; a fully represented, representative
decision-making community, is capable of Peace and Sustainability,
Racial and Ethnic Reconciliation, and Providence and Prosperity in
Harmony with Nature.

This is especially so in a populous world with technology powerful
enough to destroy the planet as much as assist it, if not stewarded
according to principles of this great balance. These principles are
reflected in the decision-making talents and presence of BOTH genders
operating mutually and equally, which allows them to be a gentle yet
strong whole community that is able to transcend the obvious dangers
of gender-skewed overaggressive domination that inevitably provokes
aggressive or destructive reaction, in humanity or in aspects of
nature upon which human life depends. This gender balanced community
worldwide, at universities, organizations and internet forums has
been sharing emails such as this one.

In this Season of expressing Global Good Will of all people, of males
and females as interdependent spiritual equals, those listed below
and the many multitudes more, on the Internet and in every continent,
reveal the Potential and Presence of Gender Balanced, True
Government, already spread throughout the world.  Such True
Government(s), inherent and inalienable in all women and men as the
People of a Shared World, become(s) more and more Wholly Blessed for
Peace *and* Sustainable Prosperity as they become, mutually and
together, the official office-holders of our global organizations,
and their member countries, regions and continents, as uniting
people, as the Wholly Blessed Children of Heaven and Earth.

Gender Balanced Good Will of All the People. 
Mutuality and Democracy. Wholeness in Office.
Heavenly Peace on Earth.

Important links for resource and background include: 

(at a glance statistics of your/all countries' ranks on gender in office)
(a full explanation of the "at least 75% gender balanced" standard)
(includes a section on how to telecommunicate gender balance information
inexpensively and effectively)
http://wedo.org (see gender and governance section)
(excerpts from Constitutions of countries and global declarations on
gender balance)
(best selling male author who advocates equal presence of women in leadership)
(a partial sample listing of the many world political parties monitoring
their own gender balance) 
(Global People's Assembly, a grass roots observer of the "UN" bringing
all people more directly into world political decision-making)
and there are many others

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