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can't set belgian dutch local


i'm trying to add euro support to my console and X environment.
Now, to accomplish this i'm following the Debian Euro howto.

1) In chapter 3 there is a part on modifying a keymap. 
It basically deals with copying an existing keymap and adjusting
it accordingly. 
I did that with the /usr/share/keymaps/i386/azerty/be-latin1.kmap.gz
I added the changes according to the manual:

     $ echo "include \"euro\"" >>be-euro.kmap
     $ echo "altgr keycode  46 = cent" >>be-euro.kmap

be-euro.kmap was the map i copied and changed.
When i run kbdconfig command, i cannot install this keymap:
After the initial screens, you get to select from a list of keymaps
and the keymap (be-euro) isn't available.
How can i do this via kbdconfig or another way?

2) I also saw that when i did dpkg-reconfigure -plow locales, that 
it made nl_BE@euro after i selected it but i cannot find it in
/etc/locales.alias or isn't that important?
It didn't procude errors so can i assume it worked?

I hope to really solve this keyboard stuff so i hav my shift-L
back in console.


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