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Re: Handspring Visor hotsync problem

Bret Comstock Waldow said:

> Hotsync doesn't happen at all (works in my Redhat with gnome-pilot) and
> pilot-xfer starts sync'ing, transfers a variable number of files, then
> fails on the Visor.  I've done it several times, and it fails on
> different files, so it isn't db file specific.

I've only used jpilot and pilot-xfer, never tried evolution or
anything else ..

what does the kernel log say?(dmesg). I have not exeperienced the
symtoms you describe since the visor support first came out more then
2 years ago, the solution at the time was to use a program called
coldsync, which did something that was more compadible, I think whatever
coldsync did was incorporated into pilot-xfer in a more recent release
as I haven't seen the problem in ages.

I have 2 visors, 1 deluxe and 1 prism, and both work ok, the only
problems I have is sometimes the visor is not detected when I hit
the hotsync button(usually on the deluxe, the cradle is old), but
once I can establish a transfer the transfer always completes successfully.

another thing to check is, is the USB adapter conflicting with any
other devices? on my laptop under 2.2.x I could not seem to use my
USB camera and I think I couldn't use my USB visor while I had my
sound modules loaded, I suppose because of conflicting irqs, since
both devices were on the same IRQ. I upgraded to 2.4.20 about a week
ago for testing and haven't seen that problem yet.

perhaps the log will provide more info.

I don't sync my visors to my computer at all, only time I connect
them is to do a full backup(which is rare since i have backup
springboard modules), or to install a new program.

good luck


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