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RE: squirrelmail

By default SquirrelMail installs itself in /usr/share/squirrelmail, it's
an Alias that maps it to the URL. This alias is in
/etc/squirrelmail/apache.conf which comes with SqirrelMail

You include it in you apache config using a line like:

Include /etc/squirrelmail/apache.conf

So just include that only in your apache-ssl config, (or SSL part with
apache2) and not your regular apache config. IIRC the SquirrelMail
package offers to do this automaticaly for you when you install it. Try

dpkg-reconfigure squirrelmail

as root to reconfig.


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Subject: squirrelmail

I have a "split" web server (http / https)
and I would like to have the squirrelmail installation run entirely
under https.

Ordinarily I would have installed apache-ssl under a completely

But I wasn't sure if SquirrelMail would be able to install with this 
different configuration.

So what I'm asking for is any assistance on what might be the most long
compatable method for installing apache, apache-ssl, and squirrelmail
configuring them so that squirrelmail is only reached through

There was one suggestion about a permanent redirect that seemed to be
reasonable and the only suggestion I've found, but it sounds like a hack

It might make sense to allow a "specified at install" document root
for squirrelmail or apache-ssl if there isn't one already.

Thank you.

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