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Re: PowerPC + PReP

* Francois Chenais <Francois.Chenais@citb.bull.net>: 
> Because my 41 Prep Parition is to small for the 2.4.18 kernel, and for
> experience, I want to re-install my this machine.

Your PReP partition has about 2 MB free. This should be sufficient. My
current Kernel has about 1 MB.

> ncr53c8xx_abort: pid=0, serial_number=1, serial_number_at_timeout=1
> 	Any idea ?

I had the same problem. My sym53c8XX was recognized as ncr53c88xx thus
it couldn't boot. I solved this problem by first building a cross
compiler on my x86 box and then I compiled a kernel for the PReP *without*
support for ncr53c88xx. After that everything worked just fine.

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