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Re: rsync fails to copy (both 2.4.6-1 and 2.5.5-0.1) maybe other ways to copy?

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, nate wrote:

> Mike Dresser said:
> you can get a rsync.exe that works in the dos prompt but at least for
> me it wasn't nearly flexible enough, I needed bash, and grep and scp,
> and ssh with RSA keys to do what I had to do.

Using the cygwin setup now, because smbmount is too flaky for me to use.
Rsyncd runs on the server, and a linux machine keeps about 9 gig of files
sync'd.  And then the other 10 linux systems rsync to a subset of that.

It's amazing how much slower it is, it takes something like half an hour
or more to build the filelist on the NT server, but a couple minutes on a
much lower powered linux system.

 > but again, rsync under win32 is VERY flakey.

For some strange odd reason, it's working ok for me so far.  I hope it
does, because the first day it pukes and dumps out nothing to the linux
machine, I've got 9 gig to copy over 56k wan links again.  took a few
months running it in the narrow window I have that I can abuse the
bandwidth safely.


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