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Re: rsync fails to copy (both 2.4.6-1 and 2.5.5-0.1) maybe other ways to copy?

Mike Dresser said:

> Or do I understand rsync wrong?

I used rsync for about a year on multiple NT4 and win2k servers to
sync to debian systems. the rsync ran once a day, every day .. my
setup consisted of a full cygwin enviornment, with a SSH server
running(openssh, cygwin can run openssh as a NT service to load on
boot). I then used a crontab on a linux box to ssh in as administrator
(using an RSA key to allow for prompt-less login), to execute a script
on the remote side to run rsync with a buncha options(the script was
really hacky) to push the data to a linux box, then copy the rsync log
to the linux box and format a report and email it to me.

you can get a rsync.exe that works in the dos prompt but at least for
me it wasn't nearly flexible enough, I needed bash, and grep and scp,
and ssh with RSA keys to do what I had to do.

but again, rsync under win32 is VERY flakey. under unix/linux its
rock solid, never had a problem. but it's well documented that
rsync on win32 is flakey, there have been some patches which tries
to improve some parts of it, and with marginal results, it was still
good enough for me to put into production and to rely on it, though
I do remember there was failed backups(99% of the time the rest of
the data would be transferred at the next backup 24 hours later which
was fine for me). The more recent versions of rsync have a timeout
option, and I had to set that to about 90 seocnds, to prevent the
rsync process from hanging forever(if it wasn't killed it'd hang
forever), since if the system stopped for more then a few seconds
it was as good as dead anyways.

cygwin is free from sources.redhat.com, pretty easy to install, the
hardest part is always file permissions, drives me up the wall having
to deal with them on win32. Much of it is SSH's fault too, it would
complain that permissions were too loose even if they were chmod 000
on the keys, it would take ages(an hour, more?) to figure out how
to get it fixed, even copying the permissions used on other systems
didn't seem to work. real PITA. and yes I was using the ntsec CYGWIN
enviornment variable :)

but it worked.....I don't work at that company anymore but my system
is still in place and runs nightly. I could login and get the
script(I still have my dedicated VPN) but it's so ugly I am ashamed
of it, I never had time to re-write it.


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