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Re: ipopd-ssl

* Tom Allison (tallison@tacocat.net) [021218 03:35]:
> How do you rebuild the SSL certificates?

I haven't used ipopd-ssl, but here's a few general ideas.

If you don't want to call openssl directly, you have a couple of

1: If initially installing ipopd-ssl generated one for you, and you
haven't otherwise tweaked your configs, you could purge and reinstall
the package.  Note that purging will delete your existing config files,
so don't do this if you want to save any changes you've made.  (Or, back
them up, purge, reinstall, restore backups.)

2: look at /var/lib/dpkg/info/ipopd-ssl.postinst to see the commands it
used to generate the certificate and run these yourself.

otherwise, do it this way:


My recommendation is #2 above.  It'll allow you to see where ipopd-ssl
expects to find its keys, and generally make sure things are set up The
Debian Way, how other packages might expect them to be found, as opposed
to a more generic or DIY way you might find from google.

It's probably just like 2 openssl command lines, and maybe a couple of

good times,

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