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Re: new key bindings?

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 05:51:33PM -0200, andrej hocevar wrote:
> Is there a way to map the, say,  F1 key to some command like poff
> or whatever else?

I use enlightenment to change my keyboard functionality in X, and xmodmap
to change the kebindings (I use the dvorak keyboard layout).  The xmodmap
stuff works in all window managers since it affects X instead of the WM, 
but the enlightenment stuff (suprisingly...) won't work in others.  ;)

in .enlightenment/keybindings.cfg, I have added a bunch of entries such 

    __KEY F10
    __ACTION __A_EXEC xmms-shell -e pause
    __KEY F10
    __ACTION __A_EXEC dcd pause

so F9 pauses XMMS and Shift-F9 pauses the CD drive.  I also have fast 
forward, rewind, and volume control through xmms-shell bound to F7-F12.

Hope this helps!


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