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Woddy and ATI Radeon 7500

Hi there:
Guess I'm new around here, so hello to everyone.
I recently bought a IBM ThinkPad A31, which uses a ATI Radeon 7500 mobiliti as 
it's video card. Using woody, I can't setup my X server. when I issue the 
command "startx" it gives me fatal errors like: "no screen found". I checked 
the screen section of the XFree86 config file, and it seems to be ok. As I 
have also installed mandrake 9.0 on this machine and mandrake worked 
flawlessly (with 24 bit colour and 1400x1050 resouloution), I thought the 
problem might be because mandrake uses XFree86 4.2.1 and woody uses 4.1.0, so 
I upgraded X to 4.2.1 but things didn't improve. Am I missing anything here? 
or has anyone experienced something similar with Radeon 7500?


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