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Re: Booting Kernel

Dominic Iadicicco wrote:
Hello all,

I boot debian from a floppy, I have my / partion on /dev/hdb1, Is there anyway to make lilo boot debian from /dev/hdb1?

Do I reinstall lilo?

The short answer is "yes".  The long answer is "it depends".

The first consideration is what you have on /dev/hda, and the second is what you want to ultimately do.

If you want to use LILO as your only boot manager and have it present you with a screen of available OSes to boot, then you will have to install it to the MBR of /dev/hda. From there you can configure it to give you a selection of which OS to boot and you just point it to the Debian install on /dev/hdb1 to get Debian.

On the other hand, it you are using another boot manager and want to keep it, then you will have to install LILO on the "superblock" of /dev/hdb1 and configure the other boot manager to look there for boot info.

There are many other config options available too...it just depends on exactly what you want to do. What I described above is just what I use here. Could you flesh out your setup a bit more? I.E. what do you have on the other HD (/dev/hda) that you want to preserve?

-Don Spoon-

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