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continuing email problem: charter reply

first, I was able to change my ip back at least to a 24.xxx.xx.xxx by
using dhcpcd -k and then rebooting. but it didn't solve the problem.
secondly, now that i've uncommented and edited all of the auth lines
(shown below) I am getting 'relay prohibitted. You are not allowed to
relay mail" rather than "you should authenticate first." Obviously, all of
these lines shouldn't be uncommented, but I continued to get "you should
authenticate first" when I tried only uncommenting and editing cramd5.
Third, I got a reply back from charter.net, also included here. I actually
don't have a "workstation" so will have to clear that up. If this sheds
any light on the subject, please let me know.
(inserts below).


lines from exim.config
((have removed password and username: tried username both with and without
chartermi.net because they ask for full email address on website when
signing in)

  driver = smtp
authenticate_hosts = smtp.chartermi.net

# To use SMTP AUTH when sending to a particular host, such as your ISP's
# smarthost, uncomment and edit the above line, and also the example
# client-side authenticators at the bottom of the file

# These examples below are the equivalent for client side authentication.
# They assume that you only use client side authentication to connect to
# one host (such as a smarthost at your ISP), or else use the same user
# name and password everywhere

   driver = plaintext
   public_name = PLAIN
   client_send = "^username^password"
   driver = plaintext
   public_name = LOGIN
   client_send = ": username: password"
   driver = cram_md5
   public_name = CRAM-MD5
   client_name = username
   client_secret = password

email from charter:
>From support@stalker.com Tue Dec 17 08:39:33 2002
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:24:54 +0300
From: Technical Support <support@stalker.com>
To: Cheryl Homiak <chomiak@shellworld.net>
Cc: postmaster@charter.net
Subject: Re: email auth problem

Hello, on 17.12.2002 16:37, Cheryl Homiak at chomiak@shellworld.net wrote:

> I am needing to know if you have recently changed your authentication
> setup. I am chomiak@chartermi.net but am using my shell email account
> because i am unable to send outgoing mail; incoming is ok. I have used
> charter with no problems for over a year until Thursday, Dec. 12.  I am
> using linux, which I know you do not support, but i still believe you can
> answer some questions that will help me.
> First, I am getting messages back saying 'you should authenticate first".
> apparently messages are getting as far as the receving host and then
> relaying is being prohibited without authentication.

Yes, that may be the issue - you need a mailer capable of SMTP
AUTHentication, or the IP address of your workstation should be added to the
Client Hosts lists on the charter.net servers to allow relaying from your
workstation without authentication.

> Secondly, my ip address has changed racily recently. It has always before
> been a 24.xxx.xx.xxx address and now is a 66.xxx.xx.xxx address. I am
> wondering what might be the reason for this change and whether it has any
> bearing on my problem.
> I am of course exploring solutions on my end, such as smtp authentication.
> If you can tell me what the method and format of authentication is, that
> would help me immensely.

AUTHentication in SMTP is described in rfc 2554. In addition, the
charter.net servers may be configured to allow "POP-before-SMTP" trick (when
the IP address of your workstation is "blessed" for SMTP relaying after a
successful POP3 session to that server) - but you should discuss that with
Charter admins.

> Thank you.
> Cheryl Homiak

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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