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RE: cups and hpijs driver

I'm catching up to this one late, and am being thrown off by the very start.

I have a DeskJet 960C

I am pretty sure it's hooked up right as it was running under RedHat
(meaning I have PnP turned off in the BIOS) and during one point in playing
around tonight I saw that something knew the printer was there.(don't ask,
I've been trying to find it again and can't).

I have installed the foomatic.bin and foomatic.db and cupsys and it's
and have generated and saved in /usr/share/cups/model/HP-DeskJet`.ppd

But when I type lpadmin in the terminal I get unknown command and when I use
the web interface I am thrown by the first three questions (I think I
understand what follows!):
Name: what name? Is that just an I make it up name? DeskJet 960C? The Help
file says the helpful wizzard will walk you through this and you just answer
a few obvious questions! Not obvious to me.
Locatin: what location? and if this is the /dev/lp or lp0 or lp1 can I just
go and assign that?
Description I can guess is nothing important.

Thanks for any help and sorry if this was already covered. I would like to
get a printer hooked up to the rig.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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