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Re: Printer Recommendations?

>p.s. I've been intrigued by the new Lexmark 75XP PrinTrio that I've seen
>advertised that prints and scans and is a little over $100 US but I
>don't know anything about how well it works period or how well it works
>under Linux.
On the job i see a lot of broken Lexmarks (Mostly network printers, Optra 
e312, 410, Optra E, etc,) that are a constant headache. They go really 
well with win98, if you know what i mean,... I would never advise anyone 
to buy a lexmark.  I think they are crap! Of course you never know maybe
they can build one that doesn't blow . All the HP's i've come across are 
good, especially the new network printers. I would probably 
go the used older route as well, (as someone earlier pointed out) i guess
depending on your needs. Check the linux printing site,
(i forget the url, do a google search) to see what's well supported. 

Good luck.


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